Token Sale

The MFChain token sale is conducted
through smart contract transaction.

Steps to participating in the private offer:
  • Step 1: Fill out the form below
  • Step 2: Your KYC application will be ran through our automated system. You will typically receive a response within 1 minute.
  • Step 3: If your KYC is approved, your eth address will be whitelisted on the blockchain and you will receive an approval email within 24hrs with a link to where you can enter your ETH address to check your KYC and whitelisted status and obtain the ICO contract address. Our ICO smartcontract will only accept whitelisted addresses.
  • Step 4: Send ETH to the ICO contract address and MFX tokens will be sent instantly to your wallet.

token sale caps


Min Contribution

Token Sale Cap



1ETH : 8,500MFX


Max Contribution

bonus schedule

10% Bonus

10 eth contribution

Contribute 10 or more Ether to the project and you will receive a 10% bonus.

15% Bonus

25 eth contribution

Contribute 25 or more Ether to the project and you will receive a 15% bonus.

20% Bonus

100 eth contribution

Contribute 100 or more Ether to the project and you will receive a 20% bonus.


Know your customer (KYC) is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients. The term is also used to refer to the bank and anti-money laundering regulations which governs these activities. Know your customer processes are also employed by companies of all sizes for the purpose of ensuring their proposed agents, consultants, or distributors are anti-bribery compliant. Banks, insurers and export creditors are increasingly demanding that customers provide detailed anti-corruption due diligence information.

The objectives of KYC guidelines are to prevent money from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering activities.

How your data is handled

MF Chain does not store you sensitive personal information.
Your sensitive personal data is transmitted via SHA-256 bit secure socket layer encryption
and stored on IdentityMind Global’s server infrastructure.

This KYC Form is Good for All MFChain ICO Rounds.

US citizens are banned from participating in the MFX token sale.

  • Country must match the country on your Identification.
  • 200ETH Max
    0.1ETH Min for ICO
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png.
    Must be in focus, color image. 4MB Max File Size.