Over 15 years of experience in Marketing and PR, with specialism as strategic advisor to ICOs. Additionally is a university lecturer and fintech coach, and the author of 6 Proven Steps to Attract ICO Investors. Studied in Santa Barbara, and University of Hertfordshire, and has previous investment banking experience at Salomon Smith Barney, Los Angeles.

Matyas has been reading self-developing materials and business-related books since the age of 16. Dedicated to self-improvement and creating value. Through his own experiences he interprets human mechanisms and way of thinking, which is the central scope of his interests and activities.

He was engaged in some work already during his studies to build his business ambitions. Besides Hungary he has been working in the USA. Has worked for an investment bank in the US, has been part of a successful startup in San Francisco, where his shares have been purchased. In terms of setting up a business he aims at creating an innovative business structure which is simple, automated, and the attitude of its workers fits the customer’s needs. Thereby aiming the maximum profit and creating value. He implements his own ideas to which he gets his inspiration throughout the world.