Data Scientist


Kat is a full-time data scientist and technical writer whose academic degrees incorporate a multitude of disciplines including computer science, journalism, and learning science. Her professional experience is equally diverse and encompasses the worlds of education, fintech, machine learning/AI, and psychology. Her doctoral research led her to an invitation by Carnegie Mellon to help construct and test cognitive tutors which further intensified her interest in the field of machine learning and AI. She has written white papers, blogs, and articles for hundreds of clients ranging from small tech start ups to large, well-known industry leaders.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Educational Psychology – Learning and Technology
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)  Computer science
Master of Science (M.S.) Data Analytics
Master of Arts (M.A.) Journalism
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Master of Arts (M.A.) English
Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)