Merchants are rewarded a 1% rebate of their total cryptocurrency volume in the form of MFX Tokens. MFX Tokens are valued based on $1 per token or their current exchange rate, whichever is greater, at the time of settlement. Each month merchant statements are evaluated from the previous month’s processing. Statement evaluation closes on the last day of each month. Rewards payments are settled on the 7th day of each month.

To illustrate, a retail merchant conducts $1M worth of cryptocurrency payments through MF Chain payment solutions from Jan 1 to Jan 31. On Feb 7 the merchant is rewarded 5,000 MFX Tokens directly to the merchant’s digital wallet. These tokens can be collected as a corporate asset or exchanged for USD on the open market.

Merchant controlled settings allow for either keeping the cryptocurrency they’ve received as payment or immediately exchange it for fiat currency settlement which is delivered to their bank account the next day. Merchants have complete control over their funds without the risk of chargebacks or reserves

MFX Reward Pool

The MF Chain reward pool consists of 75M MFX Tokens and the rebate programs will continue for an additional 5 or more years. Additional reward pools will be added to the program as partnerships with other projects develop. For example, a promising blockchain project can request to add a token allocation to the rewards pool, thereby instantly injecting their token into real commerce transactions. This will allow merchants and consumers to receive multiple reward tokens for a single transaction. Partnerships will likely extend the program in perpetuity.

With the launch of MF Mainnet, the MFF token will take the place of the MFX token within the rewards programs, allowing merchants and consumers to receive transaction fuel for MFM.


    • Freedom from Merchant Banks and Processors
    • Merchant Rewards Program: 1% rebate on all cryptocurrency payments processed
    • No Chargebacks, Interchange Fess, Assessment Fees or Payment Gateway Fees
    • No ‘High Risk Merchant’ Category
    • Fiat Conversions
    • New Market Reach

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