The MF Chain consumer reward pool consists of MFX Tokens. Additional reward pools will be added to the program as partnerships with other projects develop. For example, a promising blockchain project can request to add a token allocation to the rewards pool, thereby instantly injecting their token into real commerce transactions. This will allow merchants and consumers to receive multiple reward tokens for a single transaction. Partnerships will likely extend the program in perpetuity.

With the launch of MF Mainnet, the MFF token will take the place of the MFX token within the rewards programs, allowing merchants and consumers to receive transaction fuel for MFM.

  • Consumer requests to remit payment using cryptocurrency.
  • Cashier enters the purchase total into MF Chain mobile device and shows the consumer an onscreen QR code.
  • Consumer scans the code with any readily available cryptocurrency wallet app on their phone/mobile device.
  • The transaction is confirmed in seconds.

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