Our Strategy

Who We Are

We are helping cryptocurrency reach beyond being merely an investment, trading or speculative tool. Consumers, merchants, and enterprises both large and small will now be able to capitalize on the convenience and security that cryptocurrency and blockchain provide.

  • Merchant Rewards Program: 1% rebate on all cryptocurrency payments processed
  • No Chargebacks, Interchange Fees, Assessment Fees or Payment Gateway Fees
  • No ‘High-Risk Merchant’ Category
  • Option to accept and pay in multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Consumer rebates. 1% back on all monthly purchases made using the MFX token

Accept Crypto Everywhere

Accept crypto payments in your retail business using an Android app on a smartphone or a tablet, or using any kind of internet enabled device with an internet browser.

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Modern Finance Rewards

The MF Chain Android and iOS app turns any mobile device a fully functional POS station. With multi-cryptocurrency support, you can use the cryptocurrency of your choice and earn MFX Rewards. Our service integrates with any wallet, removing the need for any special hardware.


I appreciate the professional approach to every client and every case that is absolutely unique. Your tech support team is one of the best out there, as well as the terms and conditions. I will recommend it to everyone!

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

May 25, 2017

Nothing bothers you more than the safety of the money that you have been saving forever. Well, here you will find how to keep it safe and sound, and how to track the expenses and the income with no hassle. Thanks to the staff!

Helen Smith

Helen Smith

April 17, 2017

Thank you for the impeccable service and excellent customer care program! I was worried about the details and and percentage, but your representative was quite patient and loyal while working with my account. Would recommend!

Mary Walker

Mary Walker

March 12, 2017