What is a Masternode?

Masternodes are computer wallets that keep a full copy of the MF Mainnet in realtime and are always up and running. MFM Masternodes will relay blocks/transactions, increase privacy transactions and process instant transactions. Masternodes will not be standalone and will consistently be communicating with each other to ensure complete decentralization.

How Do You Run a Modern Finance Chain Masternode?

With the release of the MF Mainnet, Modern Finance Chain will implement masternodes to power the 2 token platform. MFX Tokens will be replaced with the new MFM tokens on a 1:1 conversion along with the introduction of the MFF Token. MF Mainnet masternodes can be run by anyone, will require 76,500 tokens as collateral along with a dedicate IP address and connectivity 24/7 with less than a 1 hour connection loss.  We recommend a VPS or dedicated server.


Low Cost Entry

MF Mainnet masternodes require 76,500 MFM
tokens to be held as collateral.


Block Rewards

Minimum of 45% of the block reward will be
paid to the masternode. (TBD)


Masternode Requirements

Masternodes will require a dedicated IP
address and be able to run 24 hours a day
without more than a 1 hr connection loss.


Anticipated ROI