Start accepting crypto payments.

Accept crypto at your store or on your website.

Your Transactions are Covered

Cryptocurrency protects merchants and consumers in ways traditional credit cards cannot.

Chargebacks and friendly fraud are real challenges costing merchants millions of dollars each year. On average, a chargeback costs merchants $1.75 per $1.00 transaction. These costs, in many cases, are passed on to consumers artificially inflating retail prices.

For consumers, protecting your personal information has been under attack. With multiple hacks, your personal information is more than likely already for sale on the black market.

Cryptocurrency is completely different. Users maintain complete control without the fear or hacks or chargebacks.

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Accept Crypto Everywhere

Accept crypto payments in your retail business using an Android app on a smartphone or a tablet, or using any kind of internet enabled device with an internet browser.

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Choose the Perfect Crypto for You

You don't have to pay with MFX tokens, you can choose the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Whether you're brand new to cryptocurrency or a seasoned veteran, we make it easy to start accepting crypto. Unlock your business's true potential and eliminate the middle man.

Power your business by accepting cryptocurrency and eliminate chargebacks.

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Eliminate fraud and start using cryptocurrency.

Modern Finance Rewards

The MF Chain Android and iOS app turns any mobile device a fully functional POS station. With multi-cryptocurrency support, you can use the cryptocurrency of your choice and earn MFX Rewards. Our service integrates with any wallet, removing the need for any special hardware.