Bridging the cryptocurrency gap between merchants and consumers
+ a public blockchain smart contract platform.

Project Update - Thank You!

Happy New Year to all of our MFChain supporters! As the holiday season comes to a close, our work in 2019 is just beginning. As previously announced, we successfully closed our token sale raising 2700 ETH and meeting our soft cap goal. With 2018 being the year of the bear, we consider this a success and are excited to continue with our development.

With the token sale not selling out, we have a new total supply for MFX Tokens. Below is the new Token Metrics:

– 87m Total MFX Tokens
– 65m Circulation Supply
– 22m Company Owned and Locked

All MFX tokens are unlocked and available for transfer to any ERC20 compatible wallet. Switcheo has listed the MFX tokens for trade with additional exchange listings coming soon.

We do have organizational structure changes that are necessary. The MFChain support channel will be moving towards a conventional method ticket system on our website to serve merchants and master nodes.

Again, thank you for your support of Modern Finance Chain. We look forward to helping the world adopt cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Decentralization is coming, and we are ready.


A digital economy where consumers can buy goods and services with any cryptocurrency at their favorite merchants. In a place where visionaries and creators can collaborate to launch innovative distributed applications in a world that relies on trustless transactions in any currency of their choice. On a platform where developers are supported with multi-language compatibility and a library of smart contracts designed to promote rapid development and deployment. In an ecosystem that embraces all blockchains into a digital utopia.


Modern Finance Chain is helping the world adopt crypto as a currency by creating a global digital economy.
Starting with a payment solution and rewards program for merchants and consumers that makes it easy to embrace cryptocurrency payments.
The greater vision of Modern Finance Chain is the MF Mainnet with intelligent features.


Multi-language smart contract programming
with compilers for C++, C#, Java,
Python, NodeJS & Solidity


Enterprise level private blockchains that allow corporations to deploy proprietary code on private chains


Cross-chain transactions without the
need for a centralized exchange or
third party authority





Achieve government compliance when
necessary with user-controlled
privacy features


Allows ICO projects to accept any number of
cryptocurrencies through live token
generation events


Prebuilt smart
contract library


An Innovation incubator that provides
brilliant minds with resources to bring
their ideas to life


Modern Finance Chain is helping the world adopt crypto as a currency by creating a global digital economy. Introducing the first ever merchant rewards program, now both consumers AND merchants can earn rewards.

Consumer Reward System

  • 1% rebate on all monthly purchases made using the MFX
  • Token Freedom to spend crypto without using an exchange
  • Waived surcharges when paying in MFX Tokens
  • Option to pay in multiple cryptocurrencies

MERCHANT Reward System

  • Freedom from Merchant Banks and Processors
  • Merchant Rewards Program: 1% rebate on all cryptocurrency payments processed
  • No Chargebacks, Interchange Fess, Assessment Fees or Payment Gateway Fees
  • No ‘High Risk Merchant’ Category
  • Fiat Conversions
  • New Market Reach


  • The MF Chain Android and iOS app makes any mobile device a fully functional POS station.
  • Clean, simple and intuitive. Easy for merchants to adopt.
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency support. Merchants can accept the crypto of their choice and earn MFX Rewards.
  • Use any wallet to connect. Consumers don’t need special software.
  • Merchants have the freedom of choice on how to process cryptocurrency payments. Instantly convert to cash, or keep a percentage of the payment in cryptocurrency.


For Merchants

  • Freedom from payment gateway fees, credit card processor fees, credit card issuer fees
  • Freedom from credit card fraud
  • Freedom to accept multiple cryptocurrencies and earn rewards
  • Choice of how to convert cryptocurrency received.
  • Set a percentage to keep or convert it all to cash
  • Choice of surcharges. Control what surcharges are necessary for your business to be competitive and successful
  • Rewarded by 1% crypto-back for all transactions processed.
  • Rewarded with the freedom of choice to pass savings on to the customer.

For Consumers

  • Freedom to continue using their favorite wallet
  • Freedom to spend crypto without an exchange
  • Freedom from rewards programs with rules and limitations
  • Choice which cryptocurrency to spend
  • Choice of privacy settings. Users are in control of when they choose to share tx data.
  • Rewarded with 1% crypto-back from all purchases made using MFX
  • Rewarded by waived surcharges using the MFX Token
  • Rewarded by increased value in MF Chain as acceptance grows

For Innovators

  • Freedom from isolated blockchain platforms
  • Freedom from expensive ICO launch services
  • Freedom to launch on a platform with multi-language compatibility
  • Choice of support services provided by MF Chain
  • Choice of how many and which cryptocurrency to accept in their ICO
  • Rewarded by instant integration to thousands of merchants
  • Rewarded with marketing and development resources
  • Rewarded by launching on a true open source smart contract platform set to drive cryptocurrency adoption


  • Independant Blockchain
  • Smart Contract Platform
  • ICO Platform
  • Incentivized Masternodes
  • Multi-Blockchain Integration
  • Multi-Currency Payments
  • Consumer Rewards
  • Merchant Rewards


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Our team is comprised of high level programmers, mathematicians, cryptographers, PhDs and computer scientists.
You will find a partial list of our team below.



What is MF Chain?

Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) is building the future of cryptocurrency. By partnering with processors and merchants, MF Chain will build upon the value of zero merchant fees while offering innovative rewards for consumers and merchants. MF Chain is specifically designed to build value for all parties involved in merchant transactions. We are helping to build a digital economy where consumers will have the ability to buy products and services via any cryptocurrency. This is facilitated through the implementation of a collaborative platform that includes app developers who will find a supportive environment with multi-language compatibility and a library of smart contracts available for deployment.

What is MF Mainnet?

MF Mainnet will be like no other blockchain, catapulting its capabilities directly into the stream of commerce and allowing ICO and dApp projects to tap directly into this wealth. With a BFT/POS hybrid consensus method, MF Mainnet will achieve consensus with minimal energy consumption and in an eco-friendly manner. Using an incentivized masternode offering, MFM will achieve decentralization with thousands of globally distributed nodes.

Where is Modern Finance Based?

We have team members located across the globe and Modern Finance Chain is domiciled on the lovely island of Nevis in the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. Why? We’re glad you asked. The Caribbean is a cryptocurrency hotspot with a rapidly growing and thriving crypto community. A simple Google search will help you find out more about Cryptocurrency in the Caribbean.

Is MFX a Security?

MFX token is not a security by common definition. Although the MFX token may have multiple use cases, by design MFX is a utility token used to facilitate a rewards program for merchants and consumers – much like the many very popular credit card rewards programs in existence today. MFX does not offer ownership or shares in any organization. MFX does not pay a dividend nor does MFX offer profit sharing of any kind whatsoever. MFX is not a speculation mechanism.

Why is the USA banned?

MF Chain complies with all local restrictions and limitations. We don’t simply ban only the USA. There are several other countries that are banned such as Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Congo, Cote d’ Ivoire, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe to name a few. We have decided to ban certain regions based on various reasons ranging from government regulations to high risk terrorist regions. These decisions are final and we use the best technology available to restrict any contributions from these regions. If you attempt to participate in the Modern Finance Chain ICO from a banned region, you will receive a notice and your access will be restricted.

What is required for your KYC Process?

MF Chain requires KYC (Know Your Customer) process for all ICO participants. ICO participants will need to submit their name, geo location and email address to conduct a light KYC. All participants are screened against OFAC, PEP, PSFI, EU and Freeze Lists.